Comprehensive response to the Facility Management & Services needs of organizations.

FAMA AFM is the comprehensive Facility Management solution, CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) and IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) software solution, which offers a comprehensive and effective response to organizations, allowing comprehensive control and centralized management of the different aspects that contribute to the proper functioning of the infrastructure of organizations and their associated services: maintenance, general services, management of property and real estate assets of companies, spaces and management of all aspects related to the sustainability of organizations (quality, CSR, carbon footprint, waste, environmental and energy management, etc.).

It is a consolidated solution that is trusted by a large number of users including major private and public organizations.

How can FAMA AFM help you?

Can be integrated with:


Meeting and conference room management

A solution within the reach of any type of user that optimizes the management of meetings or events, simplifies the processes related to room reservations and contributes to a better use of space within your organization.

Job management

Maximize your organization's workspaces

Achieve a flexible work environment in your organization and at the same time improve employee experience, promote a better use of workspaces, ensuring the safety of users (adapting to the evolution of the pandemic).

Management of parking spaces

Facilitates parking for employees and visitors to your organization

Optimize your organization's parking spaces and offer an added value of peace of mind to your employees, customers, collaborators or any visitor to your organization by offering them this APP they can use to reserve a parking space in your building in advance.

General service requests

Centralize the requests related to the SSGG of your organization

An easy and intuitive solution to centralize the request of material or any general service by employees or other users of your organization's spaces.

Work orders

Service and maintenance work order management

With FAMA OT + the field technician will be able to access, in an easy and intuitive way through his smartphone, all the work orders (WO) related to the maintenance of the facilities assigned to him, so he or she can send instant messages to the manager, report the hours spent, materials used, etc. This streamlines maintenance incident resolution processes and increases technician productivity and control.

Main advantages

  • Modular solution that can be implemented in stages based on the needs of the organization.
  • Friendly and intuitive environment designed for all types of users.
  • 100% web-based solution.
  • Multiple APP functionalities.
  • Total graphic and alphanumeric integration, facilitating the management of any aspect of the property through its location on the map and providing a 360o view of the different assets.
  • Solution is delivered with pre-set parameters.
  • Access to real-time information on any activity or incident on the property.
  • Assess and make decisions based on detailed Business Intelligence reports based on predefined criteria.
  • Complies with the main safety standards and regulations of the industry.
  • 100% positive ROI from the first year.

Automation and centralized and integrated management of the different aspects related to sustainability.

FAMA SOStenible

Centralized and integrated management of the Coordination of Business Activities (CAE) and other aspects of Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP).


Solutions developed for local public administrations for the complete management of public assets.