FAMA SMARTcity is the solution designed specifically for local government. This tool is capable of serving the different areas of city management from a centralized information core.

How can FAMA SMARTcity help you?

Main advantages

Advantages for the Administration:

  • Efficient management of public property and assets, modernizing management processes, obtaining reliable and updated information.
  • Centralization of data and tasks in a system linked to different databases, allowing an agile graphic and alphanumeric management of goods and services.
  • Tool for data management and updating from mobile devices, which facilitates the work of the operating agents, who for their daily tasks work on the territory of the city.
  • Maximum optimization of resources linked to public assets, reducing management costs and adding value to the Administration.
  • Single Web-based communication channel for the efficient management of resources and services.
  • Obtaining management indicators in terms of time, quality, economy and efficiency, which ensure success in decision making.

Benefits for the Citizen:

  • Far more efficient and higher quality service, direct communication with the administration to manage incidents 24 hours a day.
  • Perception of greater transparency on the part of the Administration as information on assets, maintenance, works, etc. is fully available.
  • A much more agile relationship between the Administration and the Citizen, by providing them with a simple and efficient means to process incident notifications, information on public assets, etc.
  • Greater involvement in the maintenance of assets, as well as in improving the quality of life in their municipality.
  • Improvement of the public services to which they have access, thanks to more efficient actions and containment of public spending.

General advantages of the solution:

  • We offer far more than a software tool: support throughout the process and geared towards your needs.
  • Proprietary solution (direct relationship with the system manufacturer) developed in line with the new Spanish Smart Cities regulations.
  • System in SaaS mode reversible to proprietary if the customer wishes.
  • 100% modular and scalable solution, able to grow with the city and communicate with any application/app through API/REST tools.
  • The solution is delivered parameterized and with user manuals and allows the parameterization of access to information according to the user profile.
  • Friendly and intuitive environment for easy operation by any type of user.
  • Ready to integrate with and connect to ERP systems, databases, various software applications, App's, IoT and others.
  • Integration with FAMA maintenance management modules (major synergies with the different aspects of Smart City).
  • 100% web-based solution, with tools for administration and auditing of system usage.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency system.
  • Easy to obtain useful reports for daily control and decision making. Equipped with a complete document manager.

Comprehensive response to the Facility Management & Services needs of organizations.


Automation and centralized and integrated management of the different aspects related to sustainability.

FAMA SOStenible

Centralized and integrated management of the Coordination of Business Activities (CAE) and other aspects of Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP).