In Fama Systems we focus on a philosophy of technological partnership with the client, detecting their needs through a direct relationship, engaging with them and developing their own technological solutions that provide value in their day to day lives.

We work for and for the satisfaction of each client through corporate values that have distinguished us throughout our history:

  • In a market that is as dynamic and demanding as ours, it is essential to be in a constant process of innovation and investment in R & D in order to offer our customers the most advanced technological tools that are best suited to each type of organization, need and time.

  • In each of our projects we carry out a constant effort to achieve excellence, through the involvement and efficiency of the team, of the commitment to the objectives agreed with the client and the rigorous professional ethics with which we treat any information we work with.
  • We have a solid experience accumulated in the 20 years we have been present in the market of technology at the service of Facility Management and the Facility Services, as well as a constant evolution to adapt to the new demands of the market.

  • We accompany our clients in all stages of the project through our team of specialized professionals in each area, this allows us to empathize much more with the client, understand their needs and materialize them through the software we develop directly. This direct and close relationship with the "manufacturer" of the solution offers a lot of tranquility and confidence to our customers.