Fama Systems renews its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint

Some years ago, Fama Systems entered fully into the field of sustainability through the development of the FAMA SOStenible technological solution, with the aim of helping and providing significant added value to organizations, by facilitating automation and centralized management. Integrated of all aspects related to the field of sustainability: Environmental Management Systems, Quality Management Systems, Occupational Health and Safety Systems, Waste Management, Corporate Carbon Footprint, Product / Service Carbon Footprint, Memory Indicators of Corporate Social Responsibility and Energy Efficiency.

In addition to the development of our own solution, from Fama Systems we also wanted to act with the example, in the first person, and express our environmental commitment in the fight against climate change and in the shift towards a sustainable economic and energy model, through a plan of measures and actions of control and improvement with the objective of reducing emissions.

These actions have been reflected in our voluntary adherence to the registry promoted by the Spanish Office of Climate Change (OECC), with the aim of encouraging companies to calculate and reduce their corporate carbon footprint. Our first adhesion to this registry was in 2013, as the first ICT company to be part of it and a few months ago we obtained the renewed membership certificate.

A year earlier, in 2012, we started to be part of the “Program of voluntary agreements for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions”, where, since then, we have been keeping our records and implementing new measures every year.

With these measurements and its subsequent publications, FAMA SYSTEMS reaffirms itself as an organization oriented towards sustainability and minimizing environmental impact, sensitizing its clients based on the example.

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