Integral Facility Management Software


Facility Management is the instrument that ensures the proper functioning of the infrastructures of the organizations and their associated services in the most efficient and optimal way, through the integration of people, spaces, processes and technologies. The European regulation in Facility Management 15221/1 defines Facility Management as "real estate management and support services".

According to sectorial statistical data, facility management represents 30% of a company's expenses and an adequate management of the aspects that make it up can reduce this invoice between 20% and 30%, generating a positive impact on the account. Results of a company of between 6% and 9%, for this, one of the vital considerations to take into account is the support in the appropriate technological tool, that allows to give a comprehensive and effective response to the diversity of needs of Facility Management within an organization.

FAMA AFM is the integrated solution of Facility Management, CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) software and IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System), the market leader for being the most complete and consolidated, specially developed by Fama Systems to give that comprehensive response And effective to the organizations, allowing to carry out an exhaustive control and integral management of the different aspects that contribute to the good functioning of the infrastructures of the organizations and their associated services: maintenance, general services, property management and real estate assets of Companies, spaces and management of all aspects related to the sustainability of organizations (quality, CSR, carbon footprint, waste, environmental and energy management ...)

It is a consolidated solution that has the reliance of a large number of users belonging to important organizations of private and public scope and that has advanced over the years according to the evolution and requirements of the organizations themselves.

The following diagram shows the close link between Facility Management and the rest of the business processes of a standard organization:


FAMA AFM allows to reach the maximum functional scope from a single technological environment taking into account the diversity of areas that make up the Facility Management.

Thanks to its modular structure, it offers the possibility of adapting to the specific needs of each organization:

Main functionalities

FAMA AFM is the most complete and consolidated Facility Management solution on the market, providing a comprehensive and effective response to organizations, allowing for the exhaustive control and comprehensive management of the different aspects that contribute to the proper functioning of the infrastructures of Organizations and their associated services.

The following are the main functionalities, grouped into 4 large blocks of functional areas:

Real estate and asset management

  • Updated inventory of all the spaces of the organization (complexes, buildings, lots, offices, parking ...)
  • Unique, centralized and integrated documentary database.
  • Integral management of invoices and contracts related to real estate (supplies, leasing, maintenance ...)
  • Control of investments and expenses related to real estate.
  • Registration and classification of all patrimonial information.
  • History of queries, changes and modifications to the property.
  • Asset management of properties (estates, cadastral, rights, etc), as well as processes and records.
  • Link with Google Maps and the Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre.
  • Automation of procedures and records related to the management of the heritage, allowing the establishment of approval circuits.
  • Updated inventory and detailed management of the contracts according to the different typologies: leasing, insurance, maintenance, supplies, etc.
  • Economic management associated with real estate, allowing the automatic generation of any invoice associated with contracts or services, as well as payment orders.
  • Management of investment projects (project definition, budgeted items, offers, etc.).
  • Possibility of integration with the economic / financial system of the organization (SAP, etc).
  • Impact calculations and real estate costs, per m², per area, per cost center, per workstation, per person, etc.


  • Optimization of the use of the spaces of the organization thanks to an exhaustive analysis and detailed and real-time information of the same.
  • Easy geographical location of the buildings on the map (GIS), as well as the elements of the building on the plane (CAD).
  • Ability to integrate with BIM (Building Information Modeling).
  • Management of the areas that compose the space (useful, built, etc).
  • Management of jobs, transfers and studies of optimization of space.
  • Management of rooms and work (hotelling) reservation: capacity, timmings, equipment, added services, occupation reports...
  • Enables Event Management of any typology, ranging from request and management to final billing.
  • Data collection in relation to space: calculation of occupation, ratios of € / m2, € / work position, impact and analysis on the area occupied by different cost centers, etc.
  • Inventory of the elements that compose the space (furniture, fixed installations, equipment).
  • Automated management of material stores, optimizing and minimizing stock control.

Maintenance and general services

  • Increased capacity and facility to measure service level agreements, ANS / SLA, established and extract the associated indicators (KPI).
  • Integrated system with the current regulations concerning aspects of maintenance and services (RITE, European regulations of Facility Management & Services EN 15221).
  • Efficient corrective maintenance through an agile resolution of any incident / breakdown in the facilities of an organization: catalog of services, work orders, alarms, integration with documentation and plans ...
  • Complete management of preventive and normative maintenance through the planning, programming and standardization of the maintenance ranges, according to the RITE standard.
  • Definition of cost criteria and levels of performance in maintenance contracts.
  • Complete inventory of facilities detailing their location and typology.
  • Complete management of services regardless of their type (catering, messaging, notification of corrective incidents, etc.) through the catalog of services and associated workflows.
  • Communication channel or helpdesk for centralized management of all maintenance requests and services, with the possibility of giving access to suppliers.
  • Possibility of having this communication channel in the form of a web portal to offer users easier and simpler access to Requests for Service and Corrective Maintenance, which also includes news and other documentation of interest to the Users of the organization.
  • Maintenance management and general services operations from Smartphone or Tablet mobile devices (integration with FAMA APP mobility applications).
  • Obtaining indicators (KPIs) associated with established service level agreements (ANS or SLA).
  • Possibility of integration with precence monitoring systems.


  • Automation of management processes related to indicators based on international quality or environmental standards (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, EMAS, ISO 50001, OHSAS) to facilitate the management of audits: definition of the scope of management systems , Procedures and documentation, etc.
  • Great support in the processes related to energy efficiency by detecting the factors that affect energy consumption, identifying the different savings opportunities and generating reports for the economic control of energy expenditure.
  • Complete waste management from generation to storage.
  • Complete inventory of greenhouse gas emissions according to recognized international regulations, which facilitates and automates the calculation of the corporate carbon footprint and facilitates the implementation of an emission reduction and / or compensation strategy.
  • Automated procurement of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators for the elaboration of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reports.
  • Calculation of the product and / or service carbon footprint according to PAS 2050, UNE-EN 16258, etc. And start-up of the energy calculator.
  • Generation of surveys and indicators to carry out an exhaustive control of relevant environmental indicators in a company (consumption of water, paper and waste, etc.) and facilitate processes such as the calculation of the carbon footprint or to control other diverse aspects, such as Can be associated with quality, levels of satisfaction, etc.


  • Enables automation and management in a centralized and integrated way of all aspects related to the scope of the Coordination of Business Activities of organizations (CAE)
  • Registration of each of the properties, work centers or areas where the Coordination of Business Activities of your Organization should be carried out.
  • Regulatory management RD 171/2004 and RD 1627/1997.
  • Complete documentation management of its suppliers: contracts and subcontractors.
  • Immediate visualization of the status of the documentation of its suppliers at the level of company, personnel, vehicles and machinery.
  • Improves the relationship between customer and suppliers, significantly reducing communication between the two for issues of documentary request.
  • Reduces the time spent on internal processes related to the Coordination of Business Activities and documentary validation.
  • Streamlines and facilitates the different communications or doubts on the part of the suppliers.
  • Absolute control of the expiration of all types of documents and immediate request to suppliers in case of expired or rejected documents.
  • Access control through APP that verifies the status of the documentation on the CAE platform.

Modes of implementation

FAMA AFM is available in 2 modalities:

FAME AFM implanted: This is the traditional proprietary system that is installed in the servers and infrastructures of the client.

FAMA CLOUD: This is a Software as a Service (Software as a Service) type of software that frees organizations from installation and maintenance responsibilities of the software:

  • It is not necessary to have dedicated personnel dedicated to the system.
  • There are no expenses in technology and its maintenance and it avoids that hardware and software are obsolete.
  • Conversion of fixed expenses into variables (payment for actual use of computer systems).
  • Immediate availability of the system and information.
  • Accessible from any place and time.
  • Compliance with LOPD and data security.
  • Access to all functionalities and modules of any FAMA solution.
  • Data center located in Spain.
  • Allocation of a Responsible for the Account by customer.
  • Availability of FAMA Channel: hekpdesk online portal with personalized access for all FAMA users.
  • Training and backup services included

Main advantages

  • Optimization and efficiency in all the Facility Management processes of the organization: with FAMA AFM the Facility Manager really adds value to your organization.
  • Comprehensive solution from a single technological environment for a more agile management.
  • Corporate solution, compatible and integrable with other systems in the organization, much more than an isolated product.
  • Modular solution that allows a progressive implementation according to the needs of the organization.
  • Friendly and intuitive environment designed for all types of users.
  • 100% web solution.
  • Multiple APP functionalities.
  • Total graphic and alphanumeric integration, facilitating the management of any aspect of the property through its location on the map and having a 360º view of the different assets.
  • Solution initially pre-parameterized.
  • Access to real-time information on any activity or incidence on the property.
  • Evaluations and decisions based on detailed Business Intelligence reports on predefined criteria.
  • Compliance with the main safety and regulatory standards of the sector.
  • 100% positive ROI from the first year.