Commitment to the Environment:

Fama Systems has for years been demonstrating its environmental and social commitment in the fight against climate change and towards a sustainable economic and energy model and, as examples of its initiatives in this regard, it is worth underlining:
  • Obtaining in 2012 and annual maintenance of the seal of Voluntary Agreements for the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG)
  • Recently, it has become the first company in the sector of information and communication technologies that has obtained the seal that accredits its incorporation in the National Registry of Carbon Footprint, Compensation and Absorption Projects, regulated by decree 163/2014 .
  • In addition, an Improvement Plan has been prepared by the General Directorate of Fama Systems, in collaboration with its employees, which has specified the actions to be taken to reduce emissions with a medium-term horizon , Until 2017, and whose goal is to achieve a reduction of 31% CO2eq.
  • But in addition to its own voluntary experience, FAMA Systems has gone further by developing a technological solution, FAMA SOStenible, to help and provide significant added value to other organizations by facilitating centralized and integrated automation and management of all aspects of the field Of sustainability and, in a very special way, the calculation of the carbon footprint.

Commitment to social initiatives:

Fama Systems collaborates with the "Escudería Mar de Tierra" (one of the participating teams), through an economic and material contribution, in order to achieve the solidarity objective set forth in the 8th edition of the Panda Raid: achieving schooling for the largest number of children Understanding that education is vital for the socialization of young people and economic growth. To do this, the participants, after covering a route of 4000 kilometers of the geography of Morocco on a Seat Panda, donate a minimum of 20 kilos of school material per team in a totally transparent action: they are in charge of getting the material, transport it In his Pandas and donate it on the third stage of the raid in a school located in the south of Morocco.

FAMA Systems collaborates with the CIRSA Solidaris team, made up of the Facility Management area of CIRSA, which participated actively in this Intermón initiative for the construction of water wells in the Ethiopian districts most affected by recurrent droughts. CIRSA Solidaris was the group that obtained the highest collection, specifically the amount needed to build 4 wells.

Marathon against Poverty:
Fama Systems has participated in the solidarity initiatives that were carried out in Catalonia on the occasion of the Marathon against Poverty 2012 and that managed to raise about 4.5 million euros from donations distributed among 75 entities of the third social sector, allowing them to take A total of 40 projects focused on assistance, housing, socio-labor insertion and children.

Commitment to quality and innovation:

The concern and commitment to quality is the responsibility of all employees of Fama Systems, thus fostering a common business culture that allows constant adaptation to new business requirements. In a market as dynamic and demanding as ours is essential to be in constant process of innovation and investment in R & D in order to offer our customers the most advanced technological tools that best suit every type of organization, need and moment.

Commitment to the proper management of information and confidentiality (compliance with the Organic Law on Data Protection):

Fama Systems undertakes to carry out an adequate management of information and confidentiality in order to guarantee the confidential treatment of the information received from clients, suppliers, employees or any other third party related to the organization. , All in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Commerce Electronic and other applicable regulations.

Commitment to teamwork and knowledge management:

Fama Systems encourages teamwork and the exchange of knowledge and experience among all its professionals in order to contribute to increase the knowledge capital of the company and reinforce the competitive advantages in a global, complex and changing environment.Fama Systems encourages teamwork and the exchange of knowledge and experience among all its professionals in order to contribute to increase the knowledge capital of the company and reinforce the competitive advantages in a global, complex and changing environment.

Commitment to the principles of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity:

Fama Systems is committed to maintaining and protecting, with all the measures at its disposal, a work environment where dignity and fundamental labor rights are respected. In particular, it promotes equality of treatment between men and women as regards access to employment, training, promotion and working conditions. Fama Systems selects its employees according to their needs to cover certain positions, taking into account the personal and professional merits of the candidate.

On the other hand, any type of violence, abuse of authority, harassment (whether physical or psychological) or any other kind of behavior that creates an intimidating or offensive environment at work is considered to be unacceptable and considers them unacceptable and intolerable, without Attend to whoever is the victim or the stalker.

Commitment to measures for a safe workplace:

Fama Systems establishes and promotes a health and safety at work policy, adopting the measures within its reach among those established in the applicable regulations of Occupational Risk Prevention.